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Assen's first experience in dentistry was in the military, where he worked as a dental assistant.  After graduating from Dental Technology College in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1988, Assen and Dani began their dental laboratory careers as dental technicians. In 1990, they arrived in the U.S. and since then, Assen has actively followed the philosophies of Dr. Peter E. Dawson, Dr. David S. Hornbrook, LVI, and Dr. Carl Mish. He is also a member in the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry mentorship program taught by Dr. Terry Tanaka, Dr. Gordon J. Christensen and Dr Frank Spear.  A dedicated student of LVI and the Dawson Academy, co-owner Dani Dobrikov brings meticulous attention-to-detail and a commitment to perfection that has helped Dani Dental Studio earn a loyal following of dental offices throughout Arizona and nationwide.
For over 18 years, DaniDental Studio, a full service dental laboratory in Tempe, AZ has provided the highest quality services in the dental market. Owner Assen Dobrikov is always available to assist dental offices either by telephone or in-office visits to provide expertise and offer recommendations on the most challenging cases. We also provide dentists the opportunity to have one laboratory fulfill all their needs.

DaniDental Studio is certified by all major dental implant companies, maintains an extensive inventory in-house and can assist dental offices in selecting the right parts, from the simplest case to full-mouth restorations.

What our customers say...

Thanks for all of your great work you do,our patients are very happy.-Dr.Venerable

I order a partial dental appliance, and you send me "jewelry". Great job!-Dr.Weinstein

The driver is wonderful to work with. We've also had great experiences with your customer service staff. Thank you-Dr.Johansen

Turn around time is great! We love it. Very efficient and clean.-Dr.Lagermeier

We always get our cases back on time or early. Even when special requests are made for return date or less than straightforward designs.-Dr. Gibbs

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