Job Description

Dental Assistant

Dani Dental Studio - This is a full-service dental laboratory located in Tempe, Arizona, that is currently looking for a highly motivated, creative, and team-oriented dental assistant to join us in our family organization! Our mission is to consistently create quality dental restorations with service, technical, and educational support to meet our client needs. Are you up for the opportunity to dive in with integrity, innovation, teamwork, and quality? If so, we look forward to hearing from you to schedule an interview!

Within our team, we work together to make magic happen while having fun at the same time. 
In the meantime, here are some fun facts about our culture and working with us (this coming directly from our team :)
1. We are leaders of our industry - all of us! 
2. Comfortable environment! 
3. We believe in culture and working together!
4. We value the roots of the company, our vision, and our mission! 
5. We will train and elevate your success!
6. We believe in making mistakes and learning from them.
7. The sky is the limit! 
8. We create solutions as a team! 
9. We personalize the learning process to fit your needs! 
11. Your results make a rewarding difference and you can see real smiles!
12. You can count on us!
13. Just life family - we have each other's back! 
14. There is room to grow! 
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