Job Description

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:


· Inspect, test and calibrate dental lab equipment following manufacturers’ specifications, using appropriate test, calibration and analysis instruments.

· Visually examine lab equipment and structural environment to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

· Repair and replace defective parts such as motors, electronic components, transformers, etc.

· Perform preventative maintenance/service on all equipment.

· Keep records on maintenance, repair, and required updates on all equipment.

· Test and calibrate components and equipment following Manufacturers manuals and guides.

· Demonstrate correct operation and preventive maintenance of equipment to personnel.

· Study technical manuals and attend training sessions provided by equipment manufacturers to maintain current knowledge.

· Plan and carry out work assignments using blueprints, schematic drawings, technical manuals, wiring diagrams, following prescribed regulations, directives and other instructions as required.


· Perform a wide variety of general building maintenance repairs and services.

· Install light bulbs, doors and cabinets.

· Set-up and install computer cables as needed as well as computer outlets.

· Repair and relocate light fixtures.

· Replace washers, faucets and seals on plumbing equipment as needed.

· Repair leaky faucets, clean out clogged drains and repair sprinklers.

· Maintain monthly inspection and maintenance of building and HVAC roof motors and fans, replace as needed.

· Clean and grease all equipment used in heating and ventilation.

· Maintain efficient function of compressors; oil and drain as needed.

· Assist in the stocking, unloading and delivery of supplies.

· Maintain parking area when asked.

· Assist with maintaining security of property.

· Follow the Code of Safe Work Practices.